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Berkley Digital Lip Grip Scales Zoom

Berkley Digital Lip Grip Scales

Berkley Digital Lip Grip Scales

Digital Lip Grips
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Status: Discontinued

Product Description

Berkley Digital Lip Grips will let you give the old Fish scales and that rusty Gaff to the next-door neighbor. Berkley’s new Digital Lip Grips safely helps casual weekend to serious tournament anglers land big Fish and has the ability to >Weigh Fish with extremely accurate results. Made from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel and tough ABS handle, the water resistant 12-inch Big Game Lip Grip is a must for saltwater and freshwater anglers for landing snook, redfish, pike, muskie, walleye and other toothy Fish. The powerful spring action jaws securely Hold the Fish for landing and because the grip’s jaws pivot instead of being rigidly affixed to the handle, the Fish can twist and wiggle without injury to the Fish or the angler. A baseball style non-slip textured grip and the wrist lanyard adds to the tool’s security. The built-in digital scale weighs Fish in both pounds and ounces or kilograms. Fish up to 30 pounds can be weighed accurately. The Lip Grip scale also has the ability to be zeroed for weighing a bucket of Fish. A common 9-volt battery fits into the handle with a life of approximately three months. The unit automatically shuts off after 50 seconds of non-use.

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