This product has been discontinued.

<p>139.7mmH x 55.9mmW x 35.6mmD</p><p>Weight - 499g</p> Zoom

139.7mmH x 55.9mmW x 35.6mmD

Weight - 499g

Cobra HH330 Floating VHF Radio

Cobra HH330 Floating VHF Radio
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Status: Discontinued

Product Description

Cobra HH330 Floating VHF Radio, with its bright, orange core, can be easily spotted in the water. Incredibly compact for a floating radio, these units fit nicely in one's hand and have easy-to-operate controls and large LCD screens for easy viewing.


Features the unique BURP feature, which vibrates water out of the speaker grill to improve performance in extreme conditions.


This handheld marine radio can also scan three channels simultaneously, including channel 16 and two user-selected channels. The Scan feature runs through all channels or those programmed into the memory to find conversations in progress.

  • Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Floats in Water
  • Multi-output: 1, 3 or 5 Watts
  • Tri-Watch, Memory Channel Scan
  • Instant channel 16 access
  • Battery Life -  5% TX, 5% RX, 90% Standby, Alkaline: 8 hours @ 5 watts, 10 hours @ 1 watt
  • Current Drain:--Standby: 40 mA--Receive (Rx): 200 mA,--Transmit (Tx) - 1.8 A @ High Power, 700 mA @ Low Power
  • Supplied with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, locking desktop charger with AC/DC adapters and a spring-loaded swiveling belt clip & 12v Cigarette Power Cable.
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Warranty2 Years
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