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D Shackles Stainless Steel

D Shackles Stainless Steel

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D Shackles Stainless Steel - 6mm - 1800kgs - 550kg TDL
MPN: SS-360F-06
Sku: STI055
Size: 6mm
BS: 1800kgs
MWL: 550kg TDL
In Stock
D Shackles Stainless Steel - 8mm - 3500kgs - 1120kg TDL
MPN: 20008
Sku: STI058
Size: 8mm
BS: 3500kgs
MWL: 1120kg TDL
In Stock
D Shackles Stainless Steel - 10mm - 5400kgs - 1600kg TDL
MPN: SS-360F-10
Sku: STI060
Size: 10mm
BS: 5400kgs
MWL: 1600kg TDL
In Stock
D Shackles Stainless Steel - 12mm - 7000kgs - 2400kg TDL
MPN: SS-360F-12
Sku: STI065
Size: 12mm
BS: 7000kgs
MWL: 2400kg TDL
In Stock
D Shackles Stainless Steel - 16mm - 12500kgs - 3600kg TDL
MPN: SS-360-16
Sku: STI070
Size: 16mm
BS: 12500kgs
MWL: 3600kg TDL
In Stock Hurry Limited Supply
D Shackles Stainless Steel - 19mm - 16500kgs - 4400kg TDL
MPN: SS-360-19
Sku: STI075
Size: 19mm
BS: 16500kgs
MWL: 4400kg TDL
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Product Description

D Shackles are made from >Forged Stainless Steel (sizes 5-12mm only) for extra >TDL strength and are also known as a chain shackle, D shackles are narrow shackles shaped like a loop of chain, usually with a pin or threaded pin closure. D shackles are very common and most other shackle types are a variation of the D-shackle. The small loop can take high loads primarily in Line. Side and racking loads may twist or bend a D-shackle.

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