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Daiwa Gekkabijin Vib 3S is an all new “vibe” that imitates the small shrimps that are so prevalent throughout estuaries, bays, rivers and streams. Guaranteed to be a Live Well filler for bream, it will be equally effective on bass, trout, estuary perch or just about anything that eats small shrimp!


Unlike any other Vibe available, the Daiwa Gekkabijin Vib 3S features a hollow plastic body, giving it a full body profile and the internal weight system causes the lure to sink nose forward to avoid snagging. On a slow crank it produces a wide wobble but speed it up and the tight high pitched wiggle attracts any predatory Fish.


Handmade to the highest standards, these lures feature 3D realistic eyes, ultra sharp HD chemically sharpened treble with lifelike skirt and are painted internally with chip proof paint for an incredible lifelike finish.



  • Sinking
  • Discreet vibration action
  • Ultra sharp heavy duty chemically sharpened treble
  • Rubber/ tinsel skirt
  • Chip proof internal painting
  • 3D realistic eyes
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