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FLIR M324XP Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera Zoom

FLIR M324XP Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera

FLIR M324XP Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera

FLIR M324XP Night Vision Camera
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Status: Discontinued

Product Description

FLIR M324XP Maritime Thermal Night Vision Camera is a perfect tool for night time Navigation, shipboard security, >Man Overboard situations, anti-piracy and many other applications.

It provides crisp, clear thermal imagery in total darkness and light fog or smoke. Packaged in a small, ultra-compact >Gimbal it is designed for the most demanding maritime applications.

The M324XP control panel is fully sealed for use in a maritime environment. The control knob provides precise proportional speed control. Use it to have the M-Series look in the exact direction you want.

The JCU Puck functions like a joystick - it can be moved left or right, or >Fore and >Aft, and it can be rotated in either direction. It can also be pressed down (like a mouse click) or pulled up. It is used to move the Pan/Tilt position of the camera and to navigate through the on-screen menus.


  • IPX6 Waterproof Design
  • Detect a person up to 400m - small Boat up to 1200m
  • 2x Zoom
  • Freeze frame capability
  • 320×240 VOx Microbolometer detector
  • PAL Video Output BNC to RCA adaptor included. Standard video signal displays on any monitor with a composite video input.
  • User-selectable color palettes change the video display mode for easier viewing based on operator preference.
  • Scene selection allows the operator to optimize the system's performance for specific situations - Night Running, Day Running, Night Docking, and Man Overboard.
  • Power: 12-24vDC; 25w nominal; 50w Max
  • Mount >Gimbal ball-up or ball-down for added flexibility.
  • Simple Ethernet connections and IP addressability make the system simple to install and easy to control. Install as many control stations around your vessel as you want, thanks to the system's easy Ethernet connectivity.
  • Built to >MIL-STD-810E specifications (Sand/Dust & Vibration)
  • Supplied with Camera >Head with 18-inch Pigtails for Power, Analog Video, and Ethernet; Joystick Control Unit; Operator Manual
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