This product has been discontinued, and replaced with Fusion Universal Docking Station

<p>157.5mmW x 68.5mmH x 154mmD</p> Zoom

157.5mmW x 68.5mmH x 154mmD

Lowrance UNI-Dock for SonicHub

Lowrance Unidock for SonicHub
SKU: Lowrance UNI-Dock for SonicHub
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Status: Discontinued

Product Description

Lowrance UNI-Dock for SonicHub give you another Way to add entertainment to your vessel. Connecting to the SonicHub the UniDock will add compatibility for a huge Range of devices.

  • Easy to install, Plug and Play module
  • Allows music to play from your smart phone, mobile media devices and USB drives without needing an additional stereo head-unit beyond the SonicHub
  • Watertight enclosure to charge and protect your device with Stainless Steel locking mechanism, IPX5 Rated when bulkhead-mounted
  • Includes Micro USB, Apple 30-Pin and Apple Lightning cables for connection to devices and a 1.8m USB cable for connection to the SonicHub unit
Additional Information
Replacement Product (SKU)RDW850
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