Rule Mate Automatic Pump - 1100GPH Auto Pump 12V Zoom

Rule Mate Automatic Pump - 1100GPH Auto Pump 12V

Rule Mate Automatic Pump - 1100GPH Auto Pump 12V

Rule Mate Auto 1100GPH Pump
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Product Description

Rule Mate Automatic Pump - 1100GPH Auto Pump 12V is a fully automatic submersible >Bilge Pump designed to keep the boats Bilge clear of nuisance water, with Rule's exclusive "Spongeability" feature. New innovative design incorporates the >Bilge Pump and water sensor in a single housing. Unique Rule "Spongeability" feature leaves the Bilge the driest ever - when water in the Bilge reaches a certain height the sensor automatically activates and the pump runs until water is pumped out, reducing Boat weight, saving fuel and minimising Bilge odour. The Rule Mate Automatic Pump also has a pump check feature - simply touch the pump check button and Hold for a few seconds to test cycle the pump.

  • Fully automatic submersible >Bilge Pump system
  • Bilge water sensor and pump in a common housing
  • Will not pump oil. Sensor has eco-friendly feature in that it can sense oil vs the dielectric constant of water and an oil spill will not engage the pump automatically (note: not to be considered as an oil safety measure device)
  • Internal water level sensor switches on at 62mm high level to remove Bilge water and will switch off when down to 16mm (with hidden air vents to prevent air locking)
  • 1100GPH
  • 12V
  • 3.8 Amp
  • No battery drain other than when pump is in use
  • Removable strainer and impeller area are accessible to clear debris
  • Threaded ports for easy installation. Straight and 90 deg included
  • Pump and switch are internally wired for easy installation
  • 3rd wire allows for manual over-ride using Rule switch panel or it can activate an alarm or indicator lamp
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Single touch test button feature

Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts
Additional Information
Country of ManufactureMexico
Wattage3.8 Amp
Warranty3 Years
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