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Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Plastic Lure

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Product Description

The Sebile Magic Swimmer Soft Plastic Lure is a jointed soft plastic bait that swims like a real Fish. Intricate details and realistic swimming action bring the lure to life. The body has an “envelope” area molded in with an opening at the belly that receives and conceals most of the offset hook inside the bait, requiring the hook go only through a small section of plastic in the upper back portion for enhanced  Fish hooking efficiency. >Rigging is easy because “hook holes” are molded in for entry at the nose and exit in the back. To rig weedless, conceal the hook’s point in the recessed groove in the top of the lure’s back. See the Sebile Magic swimmer in action

  • Use with the SEBILE Soft Weight System for easy addition and removal of weight.
  • The Magic Swimmer Soft can also be fished weightless and casts easily and far by its own density.
  • The lure can be rigged with a variety of hooks and Jig heads and be fished many different ways in fresh or saltwater.
  • The lure is great for skipping under docks, mangrove roots and other overhanging obstacles. It can also be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged and fished on a drop-shot rig.
  • Use in a variety of styles thanks to Sebiles new weight distribution system, let it fall nose down, up or horizontally!
  • Supplied with one rigged lure, three unrigged lures (two in 130mm Packets) and spare weights, replacement hooks are available.
  • Can be rigged for weedless fishing!
  • Ideal for Cod, Yellowbelly, Snapper, Mangrove >Jack, Barramundi and whole Range of other species!
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