This product has been discontinued, and replaced with Spot 3 Satellite GPS Messenger

<p>94mmH x 66mmW x 25mmD Weight: 147.4g</p> Zoom

94mmH x 66mmW x 25mmD Weight: 147.4g

Spot 2 Personal Satellite Tracker

Spot 2
Find it In: Signal Equipment, EPIRBs.

Status: Discontinued

Product Description

The SPOT 2 Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital Line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. Never be lost or stranded in remote areas beyond the Range of mobile phones with a Spot 2 Personal Satellite Tracker.


The Spot 2 Personal Satellite Tracker is supplied with a carry case that can be converted with the supplied arm band and a a carabiner.


As an Authorised Australian Spot 2 Dealer, units are supplied with C-Tick approval for use in Australia. Register the Spot 2 and with:

Basic subscription US$115/yr (minimum mandatory service) provides:

  • SOS: Dispatch emergency responders to your exact location
  • CHECK IN (OK): Let contacts know where you are and that you're okay
  • CUSTOM MESSAGE: Sends a preconfigured custom message along with your GPS location with a push of a button.
  •  ASK FOR HELP: Request help from friends and family at your exact location .

Track Progress (Optional Service) US$ 49.99/yr includes:

  • Tracking Upgrade Option - Send and save your location and allow contacts to track your progress using Google Maps. 

Battery Life: 3 x AAA Lithium

  • Standby mode: 94.7 days
  • SOS/HELP: 2.8 days
  • Track Progress: 4.3 days
  • Check OK/Custom Messages: 350 messages

Important Tips:

  • Spot needs a clear view of the sky to operate the GPS. It is not reliable indoors, in a cave or in very dense woods.
  • Orienting Spot so that the Spot logo is facing up toward the sky will improve performance as the Antenna is located under the logo.
  • Keep your Spot at least 300mm away from any other GPS device.
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