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<p>550mm dia 16mm thick, not including 4mm high edging</p> Zoom

550mm dia 16mm thick, not including 4mm high edging

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Teak Octagonal Table Top

Octagonal Table Top
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Status: Discontinued

Product Description

Teak Octagonal Table Top is part of a large range of beautifully crafted, classically designed, quality teak table tops. The table top is constructed around a twice epoxy treated 12mm thick plywood core with 4mm thick teak slats applied to the plywood surface. A black Caulking compound is used between each slat, resulting is a total table top thickness of 16mm, not including edgings. The table is left bare and can be used as is, oiled or varnished.


The teak used is sourced solely from fully grown trees taken from large plantations which are carefully managed by Indonesia's own forestry department. The manufacturers also hold an >FSC >Chain of Custody environment certificate, making them one of very few companies in the marine industry able to deliver >FSC certified products.


This table is inlaid with a traditional compass rose design and has a 4mm high edging. The octagonal shape lends itself well to use in smaller Boat.

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