FLIR MLS-MS series Thermal Night Vision Cameras

FLIR have released their new MLS-MS series >thermal night vision cameras in four different models, now available at CH Smith Marine. These modes are include the MS-224b, MS-324b, MLS-317 and MLS-618, each with their own individual benefits.


While all models feature the ability to see without being seen and see in total darkness, they all also have the new InstAlert function.


InstAlert is the best part of this new technology, as it colours the hottest parts of a scene red, enabling you to easily spot people or animals with the thermal image.


On top of this the MS-224b and MS-324b both have a LED tasklight and 19mm focal length with image quality ranging from

  • 240x180px able to detect a 320m man-sized target on the MS-224b
  • 320x240px able to detect a 440m man-sized target on the MS-324b.


While the MLS-317 and MLS-618 both include a laser pointer, with the

  • MLS-317 having a 19mm focal length and 320x240px image quality able to detect a 640m man-sized target.
  • MLS-618 having a 35mm focal length and 640x480px image quality able to detect a 1080m man-sized target.


The MS224b also has a freeze frame option, while the MS-324b and MLS-317 have a 2x digital zoom and the MLS-618 has a 4x continuous zoom, allowing you to further inspect a particular scene or object.


All of these units are also extremely affordable, compact, have a 5-7 hour battery life on a single load and are easy to operate. With just four buttons placed conveniently on top of the device, they are literally right at your fingertips, allowing you to freeze frame or digitally zoom, select your colour palette, adjust brightness and power on/off.


Making thermal night vision affordable to everyone, these will help you navigate, detect other vessels, assist in Overboard searches, secure your vessel in the Harbour and open water and give you a good overview of what is happening in the dark.


Providing you the ability to see in total darkness, once you get your hands on one of these, you will wonder what you ever did without it.


For more information on these or any other Flir products, don''t hesitate to contact us in store on online at CH Smith Marine.

FLIR Thermal Series Night Vision Camera