What are Trim Tabs and why do we need them?

Trim Tabs are installed low and wide on the Transom, adjacent to the Hull bottom, to alter the path of water passing under them while the Boat is moving. This allows the Boat to be balanced by shifting its cargo or contents, as well as changing the >Wake shape it makes.


When adjusted downward, they provide lift by raising the Stern and lowering the Bow.  Therefore the faster the Boat speed, the greater the affect of Trim tab adjustment and at slower speeds, more Trim tab angle/adjustment is required to produce the desired result.


Using Trim Tabs, the Boat is trimmed independently of the motor, providing bow-down Trim which allows slower planing speeds while maintaining handling, performance and safety benefits.


They also allow greater visibility for the skipper by lifting the transom and keeping the Bow down while >Underway at reduced speeds, as well as reducing stress on the Hull providing a smoother, drier ride.


Overall, Trim Tabs reduce the Hull Drag and increase the speed of the Boat on the water, which ultimately reduces fuel consumption and results in a smoother, more enjoyable ride.


It''s also a common misconception that if your Boat has power trim-tilt (PTT) on the outboard, then Trim Tabs are not needed. However, this only allows you to move the Bow up or down, while Trim Tabs accommodate lateral Trim adjustments, also correcting healing and leaning. When used together, these two systems will provide optimum Hull performance.


Lenco are at the cutting edge in researching and developing Trim Tab Control Systems. Limited Space Trim Tab Kits, Lenco''s latest design, will not only improve your fuel efficiency, but are ideal for boats with a >Swim Platform and/or ladder, as they are able to be fitted to transoms with a limited mounting area.


These new Limited Space Trim Tab Kits feature fast response electric actuators, allowing precise control for the electropolished 12 gauge-304 Stainless Steel plates. The front of the plate is also folded to provide a smooth trailing edge and 1/8" diameter fringe pin.


All units also have Plug and Play connections which are waterproof and fully submersible and Lenco actuator LED Indicator Switch and Lenco actuator Standard Tactile Switch are both compatible but sold separately.


For more information on Trim Tabs, check out our trim wiki definition or do not hesitate to contact us in store or online at CH Smith Marine.

Lenco Limited Space Trim Tabs