Platypus trapped in Opera House no more

Use of enclosed yabbie nets, such as opera house nets, will be banned in Victoria from July 2019 – in a bid to protect our native platypus.

Hundreds of platypuses are killed each year after making their Way into the nets (to eat the yabbies), becoming trapped and drowning. As a result, the population has almost been halved in recent years.

CH Smith Marine joins a number of retailers who have removed the nets from shelves >Ahead of the ban.

Wildlife conservationist groups have welcomed the news. The ban is already in place in Tasmania and Western Australia. Offenders caught using the traps face a $37,000 fine or up to two years in jail.

There will be a swap over scheme offered by the government for your existing yabbie nets – Stay tuned here, details to come.

Until then, you can check out our Range of approved yabbie nets here at CH Smith Marine – or phone us on on (03) 9403 4800.

For more information, please visit the Victorian Fisheries website.

You can also report platypus sightings through the platypusSPOT app.

Image supplied courtesy of Douglas Gimesy.