<p>134mmDia x 118mmH, 98mm Hole Size</p> Zoom

134mmDia x 118mmH, 98mm Hole Size

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B175 Chirp Single Frequency Thru Hull Transducers

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Product Description

B175 CHIRP Single Frequency TH Transducers are among ultimate in fish finding technology!


CHIRP Fishfinders transmit across a wide frequency band instead of using a single Frequency. This is also known as “Frequency Modulation” or “Spread-Spectrum” Transmissions. These waveforms are typically of long duration and for example may start at 42 kHz and end at 65 kHz. Energy transmitted into the water can be 10 to 50 times greater than a traditional fishfinder. By storing the shape of the transmitted waveform in memory and comparing it to the received echoes using pattern matching techniques (also called pulse compression), it is possible to find targets within the noise and precisely determine their range with astounding accuracy.


Raymarine: Connects to Raymarine CP450C CHIRP Sounder Module 

Simrad: Connects to BSM-3 CHIRP Echosounder module


Compare Beam angles of Lowrance Transducers with this Comparison Slider


Note: If you wish to connect two Single Frequency B175 Transducers to CP450C, you will require a Y-Splitter Cable (ESH890)



  • Depth / Temp
  • Deadrise = 0º, 12° or 20°
  • Bronze
  • Power 1kW
  • Frequency: L=40-60 kHz 32° to 21° beamwidth, M=85-135 kHz 24° to 16° beamwidth, H=130-210 kHz 15° to 9° beamwidth
Additional Information
Country of ManufactureUSA
Physical Dimensions134mmDia x 118mmH, 98mm
Frequency (KHz) & Beam Angle (°)High Chirp 130-210KHz 15°/9°
Transmit Power1kW
Mounting OptionsThru-Hull
Chirp SonarYes
Down Imaging (Transducer Dependant)None
Sonar Useable Depth (T/D & Frequency Dependant)500m+ with 2kW T/Ducer
Side Imaging (Transducer Dependant)None
Water TemperatureYes
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