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An electronic sensing device mounted in a boat's Bilge or at the bottom of the Transom to provide data for a >Depth Sounder. The Transducer converts the electrical energy from the >Transmitter into sound energy, that becomes the Sonar Beam projected into the water.


Internally the transducer consists of one or more >Piezoelectric disks that expand by very minute amounts to create the sound wave. This mechanism operates in reverse to convert the returning Sonar wave into an electrical signal that is interpreted by the Receiver.


Three types of transducer are available, including: Bronze (made for timber and fibreglass hulls), Plastic (made for fibreglass, steel or alloy hulls) and Stainless Steel (made fpr steel or alloy hulls). Internally, the units are typically filled with urethane filler.


The core component of a transducer are the piezo-electric elements, typically made of a special ceramic material, with the number of elements depending on the Frequency and beamwidths required.


Temperature sensors are fitted in some models to monitor water temperature and also in CHIRP transducers to monitor the internal element temperature to prevent damage.


The quality or performance level of the transducer is definted as its Q value, the lower the value, the better a transducer is.


Finding Faults in Transom Mount Transducers


  • If experiencing interference with a Transom mounted transducer you must test drive the vessel to determine what speed the image is lost at.
  • Move the transducer to it’s lowest position and retest. If screen image is improved repeat until you are satisfied with results.
  • If screen image gets worse, move transducer up and re‐test until improvement  is seen.
  • Perform a slow but constant turn to the side of the Hull that the Perform a slow but constant turn to the side of the Hull that the Transom transducer is mounted. Gradually increase Rate of Turn. If screen image improves the transducer needs to be mounted lower in the water.
  • If screen image is worse when turning to the same side as the transducer try turning the opposite direction. This would indicate the transducer needs to be mounted higher in the water.


For further advice on selecting a transducer, check out our article 'Which is the Best Transducer for My Boat?'


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