202.5mmW x 128.5mmH x 45mmD Zoom

202.5mmW x 128.5mmH x 45mmD

CZone Contact 6+ Digital Switch

Contact 6+ Digital Switch
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Product Description

CZone Contact 6+ Digital Switch is a digital switching solution that features solid state ignition protected fuses and well as circuit bypasses for system redundancy, and it is networkable for easy monitoring and use.

  • Circuit dimming and smooth start functions
  • LED light indicators on all connected outputs
  • Blown fuse warning and detection
  • Very low 75mA maximum power consumption, 0.3mA on standby
  • Timer functions ideal for connected circuits on bait tanks and the like
  • NMEA2000 connectivity via CAN Micro-C cable allows for Voltage monitoring
  • Load shedding built in to switch off non-essential loads when battery life need preserving
  • Unit makes for an affordable add-on to and existing large >CZone system
  • 0.5-0.6mm wire rang
  • 6 x 15A 12/24V output channels
  • 60A max current
  • 9-16v power supplied via NMEA2000 connection
  • Mechanical fuse bypass on all channels
  • IPX5 protection when mounted vertically
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