This product has been discontinued, and replaced with GME MT600G Manual EPIRB with GPS

GME MT406G 406 EPIRB with GPS Zoom

GME MT406G 406 EPIRB with GPS

GME MT406G 406 EPIRB with GPS

SKU: GME-MT406G-406-EPIRB-with-GPS
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Status: Discontinued

Product Description

GME MT406G 406MHz EPIRB is a Category 2 EPIRB, Manual Activation is mandatory for all Offshore Coastal Boats as from 1 July 2008 and is now available. GME MT406G 406MHz EPIRB incorporates a 16 Channel GPS Receiver that in an emergency will transmit the beacon’s Latitude and >Longitude as well as the identification of the owner resulting in faster emergency response time. GME MT406G 406MHz EPIRB is Australian made and is the first manufacturer to deliver truly affordable 406 EPIRB's to boaters around the world. Features:


  • New technology enables this amazing price break through.
  • GPS Equipped provides High location accuracy - around 120m.
  • Fast warm up time - many other beacons take up to 15 minutes.
  • Unique digitally coded message enables Rescue authorities to confirm owners identity within minutes (provided unit is registered), reducing rescue time and false alarms.
  • Solid state strobe light.
  • 6 year battery replacement period - free for units purchased after 1st August 2012
  • GMDSS Compatible and meets the latest IMO A810-19 requirements. Approvals: AS/NZS 4280, >Cospas-Sarsat (TAC 186), European MED (0062), AMSA, FCC ID: TXJMT403-G. All non Australian registered units require special ID Numbers at additional cost.


Remember to test your EPIRB monthly. Details in the Safety Alert Article


Additional Information
Replacement Product (SKU)RDE408
Physical Dimensions102mmW x 260mmH x 83mmD
Country of ManufactureUnknown
Manual ActivationYes
Floats in WaterYes
Battery Life5-6 years
Warranty6+6 Years
Frequency Range Tx121.5 MHz & 406.028 MHz
GPS AntennaBuiltin - External option
Number of GPS Channels16
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