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Thimbles - 2mm
MPN: SS-234-02
Sku: STI192
Size: 2mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 3mm
MPN: SS-234-03
Sku: STI194
Size: 3mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 4mm
MPN: SS-234-04
Sku: STI196
Size: 4mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 5mm
MPN: SS-234-05
Sku: STI198
Size: 5mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 6mm
MPN: SS-234-06
Sku: STI200
Size: 6mm
On order with supplier, awaiting delivery
Thimbles - 8mm
MPN: SS-234-08
Sku: STI205
Size: 8mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 10mm
MPN: SS-234-10
Sku: STI210
Size: 10mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 12mm
MPN: SS-234-12
Sku: STI212
Size: 12mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 14mm
MPN: SS-234-14
Sku: STI214
Size: 14mm
In Stock Hurry Limited Supply
Thimbles - 16mm
MPN: SS-234-16
Sku: STI216
Size: 16mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 20mm
MPN: SS-234-20
Sku: STI220
Size: 20mm
In Stock
Thimbles - 25mm
MPN: SS-234-25
Sku: STI225
Size: 25mm
In Stock
Product Description

Thimbles are made >G304 and G316 from Stainless Steel. Useful for numerous applications.

316 Grade Heavy Duty
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