GME MT400 Battery Replacement

When a GME MT400 406 EPIRB reaches its battery expiry date, GME has an exchange process in place that requires the owner to return it to GME Service Centre 17 Gibbon Road, Winston Hills NSW 2153, where an exchange can take place. Please note to keep cost down to a minimum GME requires the EPIRB to be returned directly to them and not where you purchased it from or via their dealer network.


When an old MT400 beacon is returned, the details of the old beacon are recorded in a data base. An exchange beacon is taken from their stock and its details are also recorded in their system as the exchange beacon, the part number for this beacon is EX400AUS.


The customer will also be given a record of the transaction along with details of their old beacon and their exchange beacon.  These details include the UIN of both the Old unit and the EX unit.  This is so the customer can then contact AMSA and de-register their old beacon, and register their EX unit. Registrations of beacons cannot be done by GME staff.


The cost for this service is at present $279 inc GST excluding freight.  Prices are subject to confirmation at time of service.


Please note that the EX400AUS is not a retail item as it is a service exchange unit, and exchanges have to de done at the GME service centre as they have the equipment to carry this out. An EX400AUS is a unit that is made up of new parts except for the processing board of the EPIRB, GME will re-use the processing board, but all other parts are new.  The EX400AUS undergoes the same stringent testing as a standard MT400 and meets all the standards and requirements for an EPIRB.


An EX400AUS unit will have a 6 year battery life and a 1 year warranty. Only one exchange is possible as an EX400AUS unit cannot be exchanged when its batteries expire for another ex unit, please refer to Useful Life Policy on the GME web site.  The EX400AUS should be safely discarded and a new unit should be purchased.

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