New Simrad GoFree WIFI-1

The new Simrad GoFree WIFI-1 module provides wireless connectivity using 802.11 b+g wireless protocols, between NSS Multifunction displays, Smartphones, and Tablets, via an Ethernet connection. When used in conjunction with their new applications, the whole system offers a new level of navigational control.


The GoFree Controller App duplicates your Simrad NSS screen on your iPhone. It also allows you to view and control the NSS screen from your iPad, with the ability to change lighting levels, mark wayward points, set >Radar guard zones, access StructureScan, and much more.


The beauty of the WIFI ability, is that it allows multi-user access from anywhere on board through up to 6 devices. The WIFI-1 access is also able to be password protected through the Simrad NSS system, so that each connected device can have its control levels and permissions individually managed.


The 52mm deep by 172mm wide waterproof WIFI-1 device, has a Noise filter to reduce disruption from VHF, ensuring you always recieve a clear signal as well efficiency, with it being a low power device, using only 200mA at 12V.


This system is also able to be shared between multiple open source protocol, to a Range of third party devices such as Mac and PC navigational software, and iOS apps like iRegatta.


The iRegatta app, is a performance app which takes data from the NSS and provides the iPad with vital racing information. This includes start Line positions, >Layline to Waypoint, and other vital information to get the most out of sailing.This alongside the Gofree App, will improve your overall Simrad NSS experience, as enhanced functionality gets better, with developers constantly building apps to benefit Simrad network data, and allow the expansion of interaction options.


This wireless gateway allows the entire system of multifunction displays to be used with a single WIFI module, when upgraded to software version RTM 2.5, which will be available for download from the Simrad website from the 23rd of November 2012, alongside the WIFI-1 module release. The new software update will include support for the GoFree Controller iPad app, as well as set up of WIFI-1. The iRegatta and GoFree Apps are both now available in the Apple App Store for free download, with an enhanced version of iRegatta also available for $10.49. Android versions are expected to be available in Q1 2013.


The Simrad website contains a video explaining the GoFree products, and for further information on the new Simrad NSS System, contact our store or e-mail us.

WIFI-1 Module
WIFI-1 front view
WIFI-1 back view

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