3D Software Upgrade for Lowrance & Simrad

With StructureScan 3D now available, Lowrance and Simrad have rolled out software upgrades for HDS Gen3 and NSS Evo2 models.


These fantastic displays just got a whole lot better, with significant enhancements and bug fixes at no additional cost.


Lowrance HDS Gen 3 users can now upgrade to version 3, with features including:

  • StructureScan 3D functionality, which offers real-time 3D views of what's around your Boat (requires StructureScan 3D blackbox & transducer)

  • Leading Edge™ Scanning Reference

  • SelectScan™ Target Identification

  • Improved SideScan image clarity and Range up to 600 feet to each side

  • Improved DownScan Imaging™ clarity

  • SonicHub2 Audio Server compatibility – with integrated Bluetooth Receiver, support for Pandora radio, Android and IOS device audio streaming via Bluetooth, NMEA 2000 compatibility, and video output for USB playback.


For Simrad NSS Evo 2 users there is the upgrade to version 3.5, which boasts the above capabilities, as well as:


  • TripIntel Technology – with fuel Range overlay, track trip history and Boat performance, and also the ability to monitor Current and future Tide levels.

  • Heave Offset for Echo – which offsets the effect of vertical wave motion on the display, and normalises appearance of seafloor and targets (requires HS60 option)


Simply bring your display in at our Collingwood store and we can upgrade it for you for free, or you can also download the upgrades via these links:




StructureScan 3D provides incredible detail.
Simrad NSS7m Evo2
HDS12 Gen3.