How to safely test your EPIRB


When's the last time that you tested your EPIRB? Maybe you should do so now!


All GME EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) should be tested approximately monthly, or prior to any extended voyage.


In order to test your device, follow these simple steps:

EPIRB Diagram

1. Remove the beacon from the bracket. Keep the Antenna well clear of metallic objects during testing

2. Lift the cover marked ‘LIFT’

3. Briefly press then release the yellow ‘TEST’ button

4. The unit will give a double beep and flash of the strobe light to show it is functioning correctly

5. Close the switch cover and press firmly into place until it clicks

6. Return the beacon into the bracket.

These instructions are also printed on the beacon''s front panel.


The expiry date of the EPIRB should also be checked, as they do not last forever. GME have a battery replacement scheme which will exchange your battery once it has expired if within the 6 year period.


The battery is designed to operate continuously for 48 hours and be tested monthly, within the battery expiry period.


In the unlikely event of a faulty testing, owners should immediately contact the GME e-mail hotline at